A Mother’s Love: “Be Who You Were Created to Be”

Shown here with her family, Kerry Menger-Kirtley has been married for 28 years to an adoring husband, is a mother to seven, and is a grandmother to one. Long-time member of First UMC Boerne in Texas, Kerry has a career in Children’s Ministry and is currently attending Perkins School of Theology.


I loved my children before they were ever conceived.

I loved my children upon learning of their existence.

I loved my children when I saw the little beans on a screen.

I loved my children when deafened by the sound of their beating heart for the first time.

I loved my children before knowing which body parts would label them male or female.

I loved my children as the beautiful vessels that would carry love into this world adding to the goodness of creation.

I loved my children at first glance and danced into and with their soul as I gazed into their eyes only moments after our bodies broke physical ties.

I loved my children as we relearned how to connect with one another once they were freed from my body.

I loved my children as their spirits grew into their humanity, learning to walk and talk and laugh and run and play and argue and grow, slowly forgetting the value of spirit born at conception and thriving until the soul forgets about the limits of human language and physical existence.

I love my children as people growing from their mistakes and growing into adulthood living lives of learning and loving and growing into who they were created to be as participants in this good creation.

I love my children for all their gifts and for all their growth through human foibles.

I love each one of my children for the joy they bring into God’s world.

I never loved them based on gender or based on identified body parts in our limited understanding of physical diversity. I never loved them for whose or which body type they might fall in love with, after experiencing physical and emotional desire for unity and communion with another.

I love them because they are!
I love them because they have value!
I love them for their unique ways in which they live and respond to a life of love from God and for God by loving and tending to others.

Why would I ever turn my back on my child, or another’s, for the way they are created to live in the world and experience companionship and partnership and relationship with humanity? Why?

Love is love! We are as diverse as the snowflakes that fall on a cold winters night while adding beauty to the world around.

Don’t destroy the beauty of your child, a friend, a neighbor, or anyone for coming out as who they are! Be grateful they know who they are, and celebrate with them their loving contribution to this world we all share.

Today is National Coming Out Day.
Be who you were created to be!
Live well and love.


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