Join Us at Rio Texas Annual Conference 2015

We hope to see you at Rio Texas Annual Conference!  These are ways in which the Rio Texas Reconciling Team plans to witness and be present in Corpus Christi this week:

American Bank Center in the Exhibition Hall
Friday, June 12 from 10am to 5pm
Saturday, June 13 from 8am to 3:30pm (before last daily session ends)

This year, we will have a special display on marriage equality, as well as our usual information table with Reconciling Ministries Network resources.  We are bringing back our popular “Recharge” table, staffed with smiling volunteers and enough charge to keep both you and your electronics happy, so come visit with us!
Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.21.25 PM

We have a large group of Reconciling United Methodists gathering at a local restaurant from 5:15pm to 7pm for fellowship with friends from across the conference.  Our guests of honor will be Dennis Akpona, RMN African Central Conferences Coordinator and Kathy Cheney-Egan, RMN Director of Fund Development.  We are currently at capacity, but we look forward to reserving a larger space next year to make room for more Reconciling friends!  Please contact us if you want to be added to our guest list:

American Bank Center, Room 225 A&B
Saturday, June 13 at 7am
Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.07.24 AM

Sunday, June 14 at 10:30am
American Bank Center
Selena Auditorium

A small group of witnesses will wear all-black (or dark) clothing and rainbow stoles (click here for info on the stoles) and sit in a section off to one side of the auditorium. During the three times that the ordinands are blessed, the witnesses stand silently for the duration of the blessing.  All respectful participants are welcome to join in this witness.

The Rio Texas Reconciling Team developed this witness last year in support of M Barclay (click here), and we also wish to honor the memory of Gene Leggett (click here and here) who held a witness during the Southwest Texas Annual Conference ordination service for many years after being stripped of his ordination.  This Rio Texas Reconciling Team ordination service witness is designed to provide a safe and respectful means for those who wish to call attention to a unjust situation.  We plan to repeat this witness every year in memory of those who cannot be ordained due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.


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