Day TWO of SWTX Annual Conference – 6/13/14 June 13, 2014

Our first Annual Conference Reconciling worship service this morning was powerfully moving—from the chapel filled with reverent worshippers, to the inspiring sermon by Rev. Dr. Sid Hall, to the communion truly open to all, to the announcement by ten clergy to make themselves available to provide pastoral care to all prepared couples, by officiating weddings.  We were blessed by the large turnout this morning, and we were humbled by the work of many to put together such a memorable service.

Read more about “Clergy for Faithful Obedience” (click here.)

Present during the Annual Conference Reconciling Worship announcement today were seven of the ten who signed today’s statement titled, “Clergy for Faithful Obedience.”

Our tables in the exhibition hall filled with stoles and literature continued to attract many visitors, as did the #CallDenied display, and our Recharge Table.  Saturday we will begin breaking down the tables at 11am, so if you have been waiting to get your FREE rainbow stoles (we still have plenty to share), don’t wait until lunchtime, come see us in the morning starting at 8am or during a break.  You will find us at the back of the Exhibition Hall.


One thought on “Day TWO of SWTX Annual Conference – 6/13/14 June 13, 2014

  1. My husband is the C.R.E. (Certified Ruling Elder)/Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Taft, just 17 miles outside of Corpus Christi, and I am completing that process while I sub at Presbyterian Churches in our area of South Texas. Have been following your site for awhile and we are members of More Light Presbyterians. Appreciate what you do and thank you for the posts.

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