Day One of SWTX Annual Conference – 6/12/14

Thanks to everyone who found our tables at the back of the Exhibition Hall for the second year in a row, but who’s counting?  😉  We will be here until Saturday at noon, so please stop by before then for FREE rainbow stoles and informative literature about Reconciling Ministries and the Reconciling communities in the SWTX conference.

In addition to stoles and info, we have power to share!  Come join us at our Recharge Table, where you can recharge your phones & laptops with our extra power strips, and your mind through great conversation with our friendly SWTX Reconciling Team members!

All members of our leadership team are here at AC this year; please look for them and say “hello!”

Robbie Ausley
 – First UMC, Austin

Rev. Richard Bates – University UMC, Austin

Joy Butler – Saint John’s UMC, Austin

Adama Brown – First UMC, Austin

Rev. Dr. Sid Hall – Trinity UMC, Austin

Kenneth Henry – Trinity UMC, Austin

Friday morning is packed with great events, but we still hope to see many beautiful Rio Grande and SWTX faces at our worship service tomorrow morning:


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