Help Us Write ‘Love Mail’

This message is making the rounds on Facebook this morning, and we want to help spread the message:;contentBody

Rev. Monica Corsaro of Seattle, Washington was one of a handful of people featured on the CBS Sunday Morning show today (Sunday, August 26th) in a segment about marriage equality. The story traces the arc of the national debate and focuses in on the debate in Washington state, where the people will vote on the November ballot.

Monica was featured with Jesi and Kris, a same gender couple with children who are committed to one another and just want their family to have the same recognition, rights, and protections that other families enjoy.

Monica stood up and told the truth today about her role in this work. Her courage and commitment to being a disciple of Jesus Christ (rather than the Book of Discipline) to date is something that nobody can question. As of this morning, Monica took a stand on the national stage, which requires an even greater measure of courage.

Monica’s Bishop will be receiving hateful messages about her in the coming days. Please take a moment to send him a positive note, via fax or email. Monica has asked for “love mail” to counter the anticipated hate mail. Bishop Hagiya is a faithful United Methodist, and he needs our support, as well. Please let him know that you support marriage equality, and you are calling on him to stand with his pastors who courageously and selflessly support marriage equality.Bishop Grant Hagiya
email is:
fax: 206.870.6839


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