Southwest Texas Annual Conference 2012: Inclusive Liturgy

Here is the liturgy read by delegate Brian Heymans during the peace candle lighting at opening of business session on June 9th:

“We are in God’s world! We boldly turn on this light of Peace and Justice to remind ourselves of oppression and injustice in the world and of God’s call to us to address the suffering of the oppressed. This light is surrounded by the world’s stiffling injustices, but shines above those things that create fear and hate. We remind ourselves that all are children of God, regardless of age, race, creed, economic status, sexual orientation and ideological position. We seek the assurance of your love as we remember those our denomination has sought to exclude because of their God given sexual orientation, and we humbly seek be in a dialogue of love and understanding to resolve the hurt that prevails on all sides. Our challenge is to be reconciled with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ.”


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