Are you following GC 2012 ?

First a bit of secular news…Transgender people now have job protection under EEOC law:
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Are you following GC2012?  Even if you’ve never twittered before, sign up for an account now – you don’t need to have  smartphone to do it – just go to online and register for an account so you can follow “tweets” (short messages) from the delegates and volunteers at General Conference.  Search for #GC2012 and you will find all related messages.  Very interesting to read thoughts live!
Yesterday was first day of General Conference – most of day was spent setting rules, but there were some interesting developments…see David Mauzy (RMN board member, at GC now) comments below regarding possible limitation of demonstrations/witnessing … if this occurs, it will limit Common Coalition’s ability to express itself as it has in Conferences past…MOSAIC (Reconciling Young Adults) had planned 2 flash mobs during GC, so these would be affected, stay tuned for more details!
Another interesting development is perceived lack of young adult representation.  A Um Reporter article referred to a 20 yr old delegate as someone who looked they should be parking cars instead of representing the UMC – ouch!!!/fakeumcdelegate/status/194830480800088066/photo/1
MOSAIC gave away free t-shirts yesterday that said “where are the young people?” and asked that they be worn at GC today.  Interesting!
Austin Reconciling Methodists sent THREE! Young Adults, and hopefully our Austin Methodists GC volunteers will locate them at GC soon, stay tuned for updates!
Please continue to say prayers for our delegates and those volunteering in the Love Your Neighbor Tabernacle, a big tent set up near the conference center by Common Coalition (RMN, MFSA, and others) that serves free breakfast and lunch to all delegates who enter.  Prayer vigils going on across Austin this week, if you can’t attend in person, please pray where you are, at these times.  Austin Seminary students are doing this too, so you will be in good company!  Here is the rest of this week’s prayer vigil schedule:

Thursday  4/26:  6:30-7:30pm at Grace UMC in the Garden:

Friday 4/27:  At noon in the Chapel at Trinity UMC, with Rev. Dr Sid Hall, III, who has served as the senior minister of Trinity United Methodist Church in Hyde Park since June 1988. Trinity voted to be a Reconciling Congregation (Welcoming of the LGBTQ community) in 1992 and continues in that public witness:

The most common question lately is how to follow along with General Conference at home.  Go here:

Here a some samples of GC thoughts/activities, thanks to Twitterers.
FYI,  #GCYP = General Conference Young People   #GC12LOVE = Full inclusion
Starting my day off right: breakfast @MFSAVoices and @rmnetwork
tabneracle! #gc2012 #gcyp #gc12love

GC Day 2 Prayer Focus:  Election of Leg. Group officers–especially
chairpersons and sub-chairs.  #GC2012 #inconfessing

RT @fakeumcdelegate: I always wondered who parked all the cars at

Let the quadrennial General Conference begin, and may the odds be ever
in your favor! #gc2012 #gcyp #gchungergames

RT @RevAdamHamilton: #gc2012  41% of delegates are from Central Conferences!

Being able to hear the episcopal, laity and young people’s addresses
in my pj’s tomorrow morning: priceless. Thanks for streaming! #gc2012

RT @AJKrumbach: ‘Till all the Gay, lesbian, transgender persons are
included, come, God has work for us to do #gc12love #gc2012 #rmnetwork
That’s all for now, except to add that this week is mostly committee work and next week the real decision making/voting begins.  Still loads of interesting stuff will be happening this week, so stay tuned!  🙂

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